Saturday, September 22, 2012

a thing that change my life...

im always feel that fren is always important to me... but if a fren tht not really understand u, then is tht consider as a fren? what a raining day, make me realize smtg... if tht nite i didnt say smtg to hurt u, if tht day i didnt let u go, if tht day i have a clear mind, my life will not change... i always think tht single is not a big deal... as long as i have my fren, everything is ok... but im wrong... when every ppl starting to ignore u, SHE is the most important person to u... SHE will be the only listener for u... SHE will always stay bside u... SHE will always concern u... i always hear ppl say tht a good wife or gf will always accompany u no matter how down r u... my mood was very bad rite now... and when i need a person for talk, all my fren was busy with their stuff or not sleeping... no one will accompany u... bcoz human is actuality... no one will care bcoz none of their business... they will not wasting time to hear wht u say and care about u... in my 22years life, my best fren is only few... even my 10 fingers also can count out... i really regret wht decision i make tht nite... and is it everybody also same as me? always make a wrong decision? and i swear tht if 1 day SHE single, i will try my best to get back her although SHE told me b4 tht we r impossible... tht's all for today... :(

Thursday, August 2, 2012

i did smtg wrong? i focus too much? or i expect too much? i hav no comment about it... but every time when i meet her, i feel happy... but when she stop replying my whatsapp i starting to get mad... i will think a lot of stuff... did i really in love v her? i hav no idea...

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sometime is quite confused about our relationship... Why suddenly hot and cold? I really can't stand for it... Can u really tell me actually wht u wan? A million question mark in my mind...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Genting Highland...

Beside sing k in Loudspeaker, having dinner at Kim Gary restaurant and 'Yuan' steamboat buffet v my sis, we goin to genting highland celebrate my birthday too... here are the photo... :)

a group photo but too bad... missing few person... :) but nvm... still got chance...

troll family... haha... edit by me (Lloyd Ho) funny????

if this is a real ice-cream, i wish to bring it back for u... :)

Steamboat buffet :)

my birthday dinner tht my sis spend me... here to thx my sis joey and nicole for the steamboat birthday dinner... :)

for sure this is my eldest sis name Joey... :)

my 2nd sis name nicole... :)

delicious chicken wing tht need to wait for so long...

here is the steamboat buffet... :)

my 22 years old Birthday Celebration

currently having fun v this brunch of frenz... feel very comfortable when mixed v them... even my 22years old birthday also celebrate v them... here are they...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

u sad, i cant do anything... u sick, i cant do anything... i really feel tht i very useless... haiz... i not dare to call u... bcoz i scare u will ask me to get another 1 and stop disturbing u... :'(